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Top 5 Reasons Why We Are Being Lied To About Paul

Key Points Understanding the truth about Paul is very simple. But we have to understand the law of Moses first. This is the main reason we go wrong. Because Paul is referring back to it and is saying the same thing 100 times in 100 different ways. It all goes back to the Torah. But we are not being taught this because it destroys the false teachers narrative. Paul is very misunderstood and his writings are twisted and distorted, by untaught people, into an anti-Messiah, lawless message that Peter warned us about (2 Peter 2:2:1-3, 3:16-17). (1) In the last 8 chapters of Acts, Paul continually and passionately denies teaching against the law, in multiple ways, in several courts. (Acts 24:13-14, 25:7-8). This is completely ignored by false teachers because it doesn't fit the false narrative that he taught us not to obey the law. (2) Paul, along with the witnesses of James and a large group of Jerusalem elders, strongly deny the false accusations that he is doing or teaching anything a

Here's Why We Are Called THE WAY

  Key Scriptures -Blessed are the perfect in THE WAY, Who walk in THE TORAH of יהוה! (Psalms 119:1) - יהושע said to him, “I am THE WAY, and the Truth, and the Life.. (John 14:6) -(Paul) asked from him letters to the congregations of Dammeseq, so that if he found any who were of THE WAY, whether men or women, to bring them bound to Yerushalayim. (Act 9:2) To Learn More So, what is THE WAY and why is it so important? Why were the early followers of Yeshua also called THE WAY? THE WAY is a word that is used to describe the Father's commandments that His Son taught us to obey. THE WAY is actually another code word used all over Scripture. All scripture from start to finish is tied and linked together by a series of words that very specifically describe 2 things. When we are allowed to see this, His word becomes even more exciting. Scripture defines itself and isn't left up to us. We have to find the clear definitions that are plainly stated in several places.  The following verses

Shock: What They Won't Tell You About Paul's Example

Key Scriptures -BECOME IMITATORS OF ME, AS I ALSO AM OF MESSIAH (1 Cor 11:1). -And ACCORDING TO HIS PRACTICE, Sha’ul (Paul) went in unto them, and for three Sabbaths was reasoning with them from the Scriptures (Acts 17:2). -...the NATIONS (Gentiles) BEGGED to have these words spoken to them THE NEXT SABBATH (Acts 13:42-44).  -and made NO DISTINCTION (difference) between us and them (Jews and Gentiles), cleansing their hearts by belief (Acts 15:9). -So then LET US CELEBRATE THE FESTIVAL… (1 Cor 5:8). Key Points -If examined closely, Paul is doing exactly what the Savior did. Just like he said he did. -The whole book of Acts is about Paul, the Apostles and the early assembly keeping the law of Moses. The second half of Acts is filled with Paul keeping the 7th day Sabbath and Appointed Times (Feast Days) on his missionary journeys (Acts 13-20) or defending himself against the false accusations that he wasn't (Acts 21-28). Remember that this all happened 15-25 years after the Savior

Why Satan Is Much More Deceptive Than We Know

We must be constantly reminded that we have an extremely evil, invisible enemy who seeks to kill, steal and DESTROY us and our Creator's word, the truth of His word, His ways, His people and His very name (John 10:10). Satan has deceived the whole world, through false teachers, and it's not a matter of if we are deceived but, by how much we have been fooled by him (Rev 12:9).  Do we think Satan would trick us, if he could, into believing that we don't have to actually follow or obey our Savior's teaching or His example to live by every word of the law? And attack and mock anyone that says we should.  Even though Moses, Isaiah, Yeshua, Paul, Peter, John and others told us to obey our Savior"s teaching and follow in His steps and to walk even as He walked (1 Peter 2:21, 1 John 2:7). They all told us over and over and over to follow His teaching and example.  Would Satan trick us, as we are warned time and time again, into ignoring all or part of our Savior's teac

Creator's Name: Why And How It Has Been Destroyed

Key Points -We are not part of any Sacred name movements. But we are part of the movement toward what is true and what pleases our Creator. -Something very wrong has been happening with our Creator's name. There has been an ongoing effort to destroy His name and we know who is behind it.  -The Savior made His Father's name known, and continued to make it known (John 17:6, 26). We are commanded to follow His example (Luke 6:40). We are called to imitate Him (1 Cor 11:1). We are trying to promote, defend and restore the truth of His name as our Savior did. -His name, יהוה (YHWH is English equivalent), has been deleted from His own word about 7,000 times and replaced with man-made titles like LORD and GOD. Because the false scribes pen works falsehood and lies (Jer 8:8, 23:36). It is a huge mistake to remove His name and He urges and pleads with us not to do it over and over again. -His name is very Set-Apart. It is not the normal name. His name is extremely special, pure and unde