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Top 5 Reasons Why We Are Being Lied To About Paul

Key Points Understanding the truth about Paul is very simple. But we have to understand the law of Moses first. This is the main reason we go wrong. Because Paul is referring back to it and is saying the same thing 100 times in 100 different ways. It all goes back to the Torah. But we are not being taught this because it destroys the false teachers narrative. Paul is very misunderstood and his writings are twisted and distorted, by untaught people, into an anti-Messiah, lawless message that Peter warned us about (2 Peter 2:2:1-3, 3:16-17). (1) In the last 8 chapters of Acts, Paul continually and passionately denies teaching against the law, in multiple ways, in several courts. (Acts 24:13-14, 25:7-8). This is completely ignored by false teachers because it doesn't fit the false narrative that he taught us not to obey the law. (2) Paul, along with the witnesses of James and a large group of Jerusalem elders, strongly deny the false accusations that he is doing or teaching anything a

Mindblowing Facts: Things No One Will Tell You About Paul

Key Points -In the last 8 chapters of Acts, Paul denies teaching against the law of Moses in any way, shape or form. He repeats over and over that he is being falsely accused in multiple courts of law (Acts 21-28). This one fact, proves that we are being lied to by our religious leaders about Paul. They should know this. It's in Scripture for a reason. But, we are taught to ignore it. False teachers never bring it up or teach it because it completely destroys the false narrative they preach. -James, leader of the Jerusalem assembly, and a large group of Jerusalem elders back up Paul on this. They are very strong witnesses that Paul is being falsely accused of preaching against the law. They testify that he obeys the law of Moses and is not teaching against the law in any way (Acts 21:18-24). -Paul, in the first century, was being falsely accused, by believers of Messiah, of teaching against obedience to the law of our Creator given through Moses. We are doing the same thing today,